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KDF To Recruit Over 2,300 Soldiers Featured

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) today (Friday) launched a national recruitment exercise aimed at boosting its troops numbers. Launching the exercise at the Department of Defence in Nairobi, Vice of Chief of KDF Lt. Gen. Samson Mwathethe said the forces will recruit over 2300 soldiers

Briefing the media Lt. Gen. Mwathethe said that the recruitment process that kicks off on 30th July seeks to recruit 150 General Service Officers, 25 specialists, 300 Constabularies and more than 2000 servicemen and women.

“The recruiting teams have already been formed. The recruitment drive will be overseen by the Chief of Defence Forces himself. In addition the CDF has appointed a Chief Recruiting Officer of the Rank of a Brigadier, his deputy and several Senior Recruiting Officers of the rank of Lt. Colonel who will lead various teams to recruiting Centres countrywide”. Lt. Gen. Mwathethe

He said KDF has strengthened the recruitment guidelines and procedures in order to ensure that the process is open, free and fair. “We urge the public to be vigilant during the recruitment process and help us to stem corruption and any other malpractices.” Lt. Gen. Mwathethe said

Lt. Gen. Mwathethe said military records reveals that over the years conmen have managed to collect a total of 21 Million Kenya Shillings from the year 2008 to 2011.

Recruiting teams will be located at least 20km from where the recruitment will be taking place to avoid cases of corruption that might crop up from their interactions with the residents. The recruitment hours have further been confined strictly to ten hours starting 8am and ending at 6pm.

Gen. Mwathethe also warned citizens against conmen who pose as insiders in the recruitment process and end up conning innocent Kenyans of thousands of cash.

“Gainful career in the Defence Forces is a prestigious profile, and we are aware of many young Kenyans wishing to join and have been vulnerable to fraudsters who masquerade as military officers with power to employ,” warned Mwathethe.

He congratulated the media for its continued support in fighting corruption. He also unveiled a hotline number that Kenyans should call if they are lured to tricks by the conmen or come across such incidences.

He also appealed to Kenyans to volunteer the same information to police stations across the country. “Should the public find any officer or conman involved in such a misconduct, they can use the number 020 2307971 to report the cases,” said Mwathethe.

Posted by Koome Kimonye

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