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Hundreds of elders from Migori County expected to meet President Kenyatta Thursday.
The elders are on a mission to apologize to the President over chaos during his rally.
Their efforts to meet him Wednesday did not materialize.
At least 15 people killed after gunmen attacked Kano city in Nigeria.
The gunmen attacked a teachers’ college in the area.
Scotland goes to the referendum Thursday to decide their independence.
Scotland voters to decide whether they will continue being part of the United Kingdom.
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 18:20



It’s a sad day for the media in Kenya who are witnessing the unacceptable return of the outdated repression of the fundamental freedoms and rights integral to the industry. 

Police today have issued summons to two KTN investigative reporters ostensibly to explain their access to and subsequent airing on TV of CCTV footage on the Westgate Mall terrorist attack.

We condemn these summons in the strongest terms possible and urge the police to wake up to the realities of the new constitution that guarantees the media certain rights including the very rights to access to and use of information. In any case, freedom of expression is secured in the bill of rights.

The limits for the same are well understood by a responsible media and that does not surely include colluding with authorities to deny the public information that is critical to the nation's well being including the right to expose those in authority who are economical with the truth.  It cannot be for the police to arrogate itself the right to determine when and how to use it.

We note the summons follow threats to arrest journalists issued today by none other by the Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo who ludicrously claimed the media are guilty of accessing and using the Westgate footage.

We take this opportunity to remind Kimaiyo and the government, in the unlikely event that they have forgotten, that articles 33, 34 and 35 safeguard these freedoms.

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