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Grenade attack reported in a shop at Bula-Sheikh in Garissa County.
Red-cross confirmed 4 people sustained injuries and taken to the Garissa Provincial General Hospital
World Health Organization's Emergency Committee holds talks,to discuss the Ebola epidemic.
Meeting is held in Geneva to examine screening measures at borders.
Former Mp Guyo Halakhe Liban shot dead on Wednesday night by suspected gang-star.
Guyo was heading to the mosque from his shop at around 7 pm.
President Uhuru Kenyatta’s planned Nyanza tour for the second week running cancelled
A soldier at Canada's war memorial dead and four others injured after a shooting in Ottawa
KUPPET officials now say their union will tomorrow attend a meeting called by the Teachers Service Commission
Four victims of brutal Saudi employees want the government to come to the rescue of Kenyans stranded in foreign countries
The victims arrived back in Kenya yesterday
Monday, 29 July 2013 08:12

Gazette Governors' Role, Laikipia Governor Demands Featured

Gazette Governors' Role, Laikipia Governor Demands

Laikipia Deputy Governor Gitonga Kabugi has called for the immediate gazettement of the functions of a governor.

Speaking in Nanyuki, the Governor said the functions should be gazetted with haste preferably within one week since this should have been a long time ago.

Kabugi said this will allow the county governments to govern effectively and put the necessary structures in time.

“Due to lack of clear functions of the governor, we don’t know how to do with water problems in this county since it is one of the crises in the area,” he said.

Kabugi argued that failure to indicate the Governor’s functions will greatly undermine devolution in the country.

Area MP Anthony Mutahi urged the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to release the salary of the teachers who participated in the strike adding that there is no need of creating another crisis.

Mutahi, who is a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, said the industrial action of the teachers should not warrant the withholding of the salaries.

Mutahi said that it was the teachers’ right to strike hence should not be punished.

The Governor was accompanied by Laikipia Deputy Speaker Peter Kimondo and local county assembly members during a prayer meeting led by Bishop Francis Maina of Outreach Gospel Ministries.

Bishop Maina urged youth to refrain from devilish behavior like raping old women and having unnatural acts with animals.

The bishop also lamented that there is rise of homosexuality cases in Laikipia County and urged police to intervene and help bring to an end to the vice.

By James Kariuki

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