Thursday, 20 June 2013 13:43

Embakasi Women Beaten Over Attempted Theft

There was drama Thursday morning in Nairobi's Embakasi area after two women were stripped off by the public after being caught stealing household equipment after drugging the owner.

The two women are said to have drugged the owner at his residents in Embakasi after a night out of drinking in the city.

According to the victim Daniel Kyalo, he met the two women in town but later they accompanied him to his resident in Embakasi where the incident took place.

Kyalo recalled how the two made supper and later made him a cup of tea which is said to have been spiced up with drugs.

He says he got unconscious and could not recall the events after he took the tea.

On Friday morning, the two tried to steal his households including a television set, gas cooker and other electronics.

A neighbour was suspicious of the two women and raised an alarm after which the residents apprehended them  and frogged them to the chief's camp.

According to a witness, the two were stripped off their clothes in the cold morning and beaten mercilessly by the angry residents who said such women were becoming a threat to security.

The residents said it was becoming a norm in the area for men to be drugged and their belongings stolen by such women.

The two were later taken to Villa Police Post as the victim awaited to file charges at Embakasi Police Station.

By Charles Kiragu

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