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Truthmeter 20th Feb 2015

Friday, 20 February 2015 19:41
This week on truthmeter digital edition we are bringing you the funny clipps that made headlines across the wordl and…

Truthmeter 13th February 2015

Saturday, 14 February 2015 01:41
Parliament reopened this week and with it came the trip down memory lane for many Kenyans... From remembering the biting…

#Truthmeter 6th February 2015

Friday, 06 February 2015 22:59
The truth, half-truths and outright lies

Truthmeter 30th January 2015

Saturday, 31 January 2015 03:27
What do you do when you catch your man with another woman?Well in maralal, women in turn catch the man…

Truthmeter 23rd January 2014

Saturday, 24 January 2015 02:16
Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu unveiling of the alleged grabbers behind Langata road primary school land was meant to calm…

Truthmeter 16th January 2015

Saturday, 17 January 2015 02:53
It may be a new year but it seems little has changed in the local political arena. The usual suspects…

Truthmeter 19th December 2014

Saturday, 20 December 2014 02:20
Getting very ashamed of one’s bad manners is something that MPs are very good at prescribing for others. A good…

Truthmeter 12th December 2014

Friday, 12 December 2014 20:59

Truthmeter 5th December 2014

Saturday, 06 December 2014 01:36

Truthmeter 21st November 2014

Friday, 21 November 2014 21:44
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