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Monday, 07 November 2011 07:38

Slimpossible Season 2

Slimpossible Season 2

Welcome to Slimpossible, a healthy competition which in a nutshell is a total lifestyle change whereby the participants on Slimpossible are required to eat healthy and work-out regularly. 

This programme runs for twelve weeks and the lady who loses the most weight the healthy way emerges our Slimpossible winner. Remember these are the rules of the game, every week there will be elimination based on their cumulative weight loss as well as their performance in the week that was. Out of all the participants the lady who loses the least weight will be eliminated. Don’t forget that the ladies stand to win exciting prizes at the end of the 12-week session....and, what’s more.....they will not just get slimmer, but richer too....yes, there is a tantalizing cash prize for the lady who loses the most weight at the very end of, who will it be?

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